Thierry Laperle

Creative Director / Partner

Since Eltoro’s beginning, Thierry has always been on the lookout for new challenges, both on the side of the creative and that of technical innovation. Passionate and motivated, he has an eye on impeccable results, thus ensuring an effective realization of every project he touches. Always ready to help his team, he offers solutions to any problems on the creative side while suggesting innovative paths toward success.

Thierry’s aim is to ensure every customer is not only satisfied, but that his or her expectations are exceeded. It’s because of this attention to details, technical and otherwise, that he achieves his goal. It could also be due to his mysterious gaze. Nobody knows for sure!

Amélie Richard

Chief Executive Officer / Partner

In addition to defining the strategic path of the company and leading projects of great scope, Amélie oversees high-quality products through to their end. From concept to realization of mandate, she optimizes the process and structures the creative team while keeping (for the most part) her smile!

Her innate sense of organization, energy, and determination make her an exemplary leader. Not only is Amélie immersed in the creative community she puts great value in nurturing relationships with her clients, partners, and peers.

Benoit St-Jean

Artistic Director / Partner

With more than 20 years of experience in design, photography, animation, production and artistic direction, Benoit has lent his incomparable artistic vision to numerous projects. Since the founding of Eltoro, he has accumulated a number of awards and honourable mentions at the Juno Awards, les Gémeaux, and Grafika and Greniers d’or.

Passionate, meticulous and a true master of image, he continually oversees the quality of projects in order to deliver a finished product that is both unique and impeccable. Benoit is particularly adept at creating a strong visual identity. That said, he helped create the image of several cultural events, businesses, and television productions.

Maxime Dussault

Creative director / Partner

With certain curiosity and vision, Maxime is constantly on the lookout for new technology and visual arts. His eternal good mood and wealth of general knowledge make him an indispensable resource at Eltoro. While meeting great demands, he designs original productions and builds complex worlds with ease.  

After several years at Eltoro Studio as Motion Designer and Team Leader, Maxime is now a Creative Lead. He has participated in the success of many major projects, both locally and internationally. 

Since he likes to share his knowledge with anyone who’s new to the business, he is also an instructor at La Escuela, a free workshop offered to the next generation of graphic innovators.

Guylène Michaud


Phuong-Vy Ta

Operations & Culture Manager

Phuong-Vy comes in like a breath of fresh air! Not only does she increase the number of women on the team (oh yeah!), but her catchy laughter brightens the entire studio. With her strategic and legendary management of internal operations as well as her experience as director of HR, she is now an indispensable asset at Eltoro.

Endowed with great resilience, she faces the everyday life challenges with optimism and efficiency. In her spare time (the little she can find with two young kids), you'll probably find her shopping, or in the middle of planning her next trip!

Dominic Lavigne


Sarah Delorme


Pascal Rinfret

VFX / Motion Designer

Whether acting as commissioner for his softball league or as designer at Eltoro, Pascal always doubles his work ethic in an effort to give the best of himself.

Because he is self-taught, Pascal’s always looking for technological advancements to help perfect his work. Being both talented and a perfectionist has made him known for his inventive side. And his speed and efficiency on the job have raised the bar for his colleagues. Pascal has brought a certain excellence to many many TV shows due to his visual effects.

Jonathan Guillou

Motion Designer / Editor

Jonathan was the best video editor in France. He’s currently training to become Canada's top video editor. His thoroughness, artistic flair, and sense of rhythm will undoubtedly make his dream a reality.

At Eltoro, Jonathan wears an artist’s hat and a technician’s hat due to his understanding of various, advanced software.

The graphics and editing of the television interview between Céline Dion and Radio-Canada’s Josélito Michaud, as well as Justin Timberlake’s concert, have recently brought about great challenges that Jonathan was able to meet due to his virtuosity.

Grant Jeffery

Motion Designer

Grant excels in producing emotive images. Passionate, he has a distinctive talent that enables him to bring images to life and tell a story.

It was with a case of beer in his hand that he introduced himself to the Eltoro team for the first time. It goes without saying that he was hired on the spot! His talent goes a long way, but his motivation and team spirit are what impress us most.

Luka Groulx

Motion Designer

A bright and talented motion designer, Luka has undoubtedly mastered technique and visual art, two assets that allow him to create unrivalled productions.

Luka is passionate about the world of Harry Potter and the Star Wars’ universe. No wonder his imagination allows him to create graphic elements that are extraordinary.

Olivier Bussière

Motion designer

Passionate about animation, Olivier found his home at Eltoro. Since his training in Art and Media Technology at Jonquière in 2011, he works on projects that inspire him, whether in motion design, stop motion, compositing or editing.

If you want to make him happy, offer him a project that requires the many skills he’s mastered, whether it involves construction, painting or photography.

And if Olivier’s not in the office, you'll probably find him on a mountain somewhere! Whether on his feet, on a rope (!!!), or on his ski, there's no bad reason or season to be enjoying a beautiful day in the mountains.

Vincent Demers-Lebouc

Motion designer

Since he joined Eltoro Studio, we've never seen Vincent in lack of enthusiasm. Is it an inexhaustible resource? Probably. Intense man of undeniable great listening and ease of approach, it adapts easily to challenges that cross its path.

Following his degree in  Arts and Media Technologies in 2013, Vincent quickly evolved from assistant-editor to motion designer over his various professional experiences. He is passionate about games in virtual reality and... beer on Friday afternoon!

Emile Plazanet

Motion designer

It's during his studies in Graphic Design at College Ahuntsic that Emile gets noticed by Eltoro Studio. After graduating in 2017, he's quickly picked out to be part of the team and is awarded the Collège Ahuntsic Foundation's Eltoro scholarship for excellence during his studies.

With his keen sense of aestheticism, his constant desire to learn and his unshakable determination, he's quickly trusted on major projects.

Apart from his interest in the various branches of design, Emile is passionate about comics superheroes and... musicals!

Pascal Côté

Motion designer

Gabriel Favreau

Motion designer

Gabriel has more than one trick in his bag ; motion design, editing, special effects, directing, photography, video, music... creativity is coming out of his ears! Who would think that during his childhood, he thought he would become a massage therapist? Fortunately for us, life took him elsewhere and allowed us to integrate this eternal adulescent into our ranks.

Working in the audiovisual creation field since more than 10 years, Gabriel adapts easily to new creative and technical challenges. Note that during his studies, his first post-production course was about video editing on VHS film... Since then, he has come a long way!

Olivier Beaulieu

Motion designer

Bachelor in 3D animation and visual effects at NAD, Olivier has more than one string to his bow. He excels in motion design, animated film, editing and 3D modeling.

Festive nature (not to say party animal), Oli is a passionate. Among his passions are cinema, art history, mixology and... if Netflix can be considered a passion, then Netflix.

His face is familiar to you? It may be that you saw him in the Croteau store's catalog of 2003! A real top model this man.

Delphie Côté-Lacroix

Illustrator / Motion Designer

Alexa Gagnon

Motion designer