Six Invitational 2020


The Six Invitational is a professional eSports competition organized by Ubisoft based on its game, Rainbow Six: Siege. Each year, teams from around the world come together to compete in a week-long tournament, which attracts an increasing number of spectators and followers. Out of 16 participating teams, only one becomes the Rainbow Six: Siege World Champion at the end of the tournament.

For the 2020 edition, which took place in Montreal’s Place Bell, Eltoro was given the mission to create animated content deployed throughout the competition in support of the event. The studio was tasked with producing animations presenting multiple different moods, each one of them geared to key moments of the tournament, while preserving an overall visual harmony. The Eltoro team adapted an artistic direction established by Ubisoft to different steps of the Six Invitational competition and created 2D animation video content screened during the tournament. From the epic countdown to start off the event, the supporting visuals behind the game creators’ features, to the scenic projections during the orchestral performance, Eltoro brought its best, with original and dynamic visuals that gave life to the site and perfectly matched this intense event.